The philosophy of WineWorld Agencies is to create a bridge between two very different countries France and China in the area of wine.

Each of these countries has its own uniqueness and greatness and when melting together in the enjoyment of quality wine the exchange of culture, habits and taste brings the experience to the highest level on both sides.

France is absolutely unique in wine production and is by far the number one country in the world when it comes to history and quality in winemaking.

China is absolutely unique in the way the Chinese people constantly seek new challenges and experiences in modern life. The interest for wine drinking and tastings are increasingly natural elements of the modern Chinese life style.

The management of WineWorld Agencies has for more than a decade been doing business with China and the rest of the world.

This background combined with solid business experience in France and with a high interest for both countries’ culture is the foundation for WineWorld Agencies.

French quality wine is unique and so is the Chinese interest for learning new cultural habits from certain Western countries.

WineWorld Agencies represents unique French quality wine producers where family, traditions, history, honesty, trust and quality go hand in hand.

This is what WineWorld Agencies offers to China and its unique people with an interest and appreciation for the good things in life.

Passion and enjoyment are key words in the way WineWorld Agencies works with its business partners.

Henrik Berger
Founding Director

Helsinkigade 18, 3. 3, DK-2150 Nordhavn, Denmark
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